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[Video] Q&A: The Role of Technology & Experienced Landmen in the Oil and Gas Industry

[Video] Q&A: The Role of Technology & Experienced Landmen in the Oil and Gas Industry

In the second edition of Cinco Energy’s webcast featuring the newly-announced Board of Advisors, President Camille Nichols sits down with Julie Jenkins, CPL. The duo discuss qualities a management team should look for in a landman and how technology is impacting the industry. 

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Jenkins offers unique insight, as her career reflects a demonstrated track of successfully managing land and regulatory organizations. Over her 35-years, she’s fine-tuned her expertise in drafting and negotiating oil and gas agreements, including leases, joint operating agreements, farm-outs, and PSAs. She graduated from Louisiana State University and has since worked in both the public and private sectors. Jenkins most recently worked as a Land Manager for Noble Energy. At times, she led teams of over 50 people. 

When asked why it’s essential for management teams of oil and gas companies to seek out experienced landmen, Jenkins stressed the skills they bring to the team. A landman can provide experience in disciplines they may be lacking, from negotiation to knowledge of leases and other operating contracts. These traits enable companies to enter fair and favorable agreements, avoid costly restrictions and delays, and expedite projects. 

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Management teams should also “look for people who have a relentless desire to grow and learn.” As technology develops in the oil and gas industry, team members who “grind every day to maintain their edge” can help their companies stay ahead. AI, machine learning, and blockchain will indefinitely eliminate manual work like compiling and analyzing leases and title searches. Yet, even with these advancements, there will always be a need for a talented land staff as Jenkins described. 

Watch the entire Q&A video to hear more from Jenkins and Nichols.

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