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[Video] Q&A: Building a Successful Land Team

[Video] Q&A: Building a Successful Land Team

In the third edition of Cinco Energy’s webcast featuring the newly-announced Board of Advisors, President Camille Nichols sits down with Mike Hinze to further explore the value of land professionals and building a skilled team. 

With over 35 years of diversified experience in technical and managerial positions with the Exploration, Production, and Business Development segments of the industry, Hinze is no stranger to working with talented landmen. Throughout his career and in his current role as President and owner of KBS Energy, he’s seen firsthand the significance of employing landmen in an E&P and other oil and gas companies. 

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According to Hinze, landmen bring comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to complete transactions, acquire title, and accomplish any energy business’s end goal: produce oil and gas. Without a land team, management teams within these organizations may miss various issues that can be problematic to their bottom line. Having that experience in-house helps move projects from start to finish. Companies could have a “great prospect and good economics on their side, but if they can’t secure rights or buy leases, there’s no deal to be made.” A landman, particularly an experienced one, can ensure a project’s success. 

To create a successful land team, leadership teams should look for professionals with “multidimensional skills.” They should seek out landmen who know how to complete oil and gas transactions nimbly. Hinze also suggests focusing on seeking landmen who have their eyes on the future, too. As renewable energy becomes more profitable, organizations that employ landmen with experience in surface work, solar, and wind farms will have a competitive edge. 

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Watch the entire Q&A video to hear more from Hinze and Nichols. Be sure to check out the other two videos featuring Julie Jenkins, CPL,  and J. Kelley Burch, CPL, the remaining members of Cinco Energy’s Board of Advisors. 

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