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Infographic: The Lifecycle of a Land Department

Infographic: The Lifecycle of a Land Department

Internal land departments of E&P companies are no strangers to keeping up with the demands of their department. The typical lifecycle of a land department requires experience in a multitude of skills, from specific functions like leasing and due diligence to transient roles that may arise during a special project. Having the right resources and information is critical to success for daily land management. Throughout the six lifecycle stages of a land department are distinct responsibilities needed to produce results.


For E&P companies currently without an in-house land department, hiring a full-time staff that can perform these operations can help improve results for projects that may arise during the lifecycle of a land department. However, that is not feasible for every E&P. Many choose to outsource work to offset any gaps in resources, skill sets, or experiences. By partnering with Cinco, we can plug into your existing system to help reduce costs while providing expertise that will exceed expectations.

lifecycle stages of land department

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