Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - November 2023

Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - November 2023

What were the most interesting data points in the energy industry last month?

Find out in our latest edition of CINCO's Monthly Metrics.

BLM Wyoming lease sale

35,354: The total number of acres included in the BLM’s recent Wyoming lease sale. US Launches Oil and Gas Lease Sales on the Eve of Climate Summit

CO2 emissions decrease in energy sector

3%: The forecasted decrease in CO2 emissions by the US energy sector in 2023, compared to last year. EIA: Today in Energy

Solar power generation expected to surpass hydropower generation in 2024

44%: The average annual rate of installed solar capacity in the US from 2009 – 2022. In 2024, annual solar power generation is expected to surpass annual hydropower generation for the first time. EIA: Today in Energy

US crude oil stockpile estimates surpassed

1.6 MM: The increase, in barrels, of US commercial crude oil stockpiles for the week ending November 24. The increase surpassed analysts' estimate of a 900,000-barrel rise. U.S. Crude Oil Inventories Increased More Than Expected

Geothermal wells supply power to Nevada power grid

3.5 MW: The amount of power supplied to the Nevada power grid by 3 Google-backed geothermal wells. New Google Geothermal Electricity Project Could Be a Milestone for Clean Energy
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