Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - June 2023

Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - June 2023

What were the most interesting data points in the energy industry last month?

Find out in our latest edition of CINCO's Monthly Metrics.

Texas Railroad Commission digitization of records

$1.9 million:  The Texas Railroad Commission’s budget for digitization of historical documents over the next two fiscal years.

BLM-approved renewable energy projects

35: The number of renewable energy projects on federal lands that have been approved by the BLM since 2020. 26 additional projects are pending approval by the BLM.

renewable energy projects announced since Inflation Reduction Act was passed

$83 billion: The total value of renewable energy projects announced since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, according to the US Treasury Department. 

US onshore natural gas-directed rigs

130: The current number of US onshore natural gas-directed rigs, the lowest number since March 2022.

Henry Hub futures price average for next 12 months

$3.17: The Henry Hub futures price of the 12-month strip averaging July 2023 through June 2024, up 14.8 cents from the previous week.
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