Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - June 2022

Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - June 2022

What were the most interesting data points in the energy industry last month?

Find out in our latest edition of CINCO's Monthly Metrics.

oil price projections

$108: The projected WTI oil price by year-end 2022, according to the latest Dallas Fed Energy Survey data.

natural gas inventory

2.0: The volume (in Tcf) of U.S. natural gas inventories in May, which is 15% below the five-year average.

oil & gas jobs outlook

108,000: The total number of new oil and gas jobs estimated to be filled this year.

US-made solar panel premium

40%: The cost premium associated with US-manufactured solar panels compared to those imported from China.

Chevron carbon capture and storage

300,000: The number of tons of CO2 that Chevron aims to remove annually through its San Joaquin Valley carbon storage project.
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