Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - July 2023

Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - July 2023

What were the most interesting data points in the energy industry last month?

Find out in our latest edition of CINCO's Monthly Metrics.

E&P oil and gas deal volume Q2 2023

$24:  The second quarter US E&P deal volume, in billions. The average deal size was $1.8 billion.

Energy generated by new geothermal well in Nevada

3.5: The megawatts generated by a new geothermal well in Nevada, more than any other enhanced geothermal plant in the world.

First significant M&A deal for CCS assets

$4.9 B: The price Exxon paid to acquire Denbury,  the first significant public M&A deal where CCS assets make up the bulk of value.

Renewable energy generated by US in 2022

6.87: The total renewable power generated, in exajoules, by the US in 2022. China was the only country with a higher renewable power output in 2022.

funding for O&G to monitor and reduce methane emission and restore well sites

350: The amount of funding, in millions, announced by EPA and DOE to monitor and reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector and for environmental restoration of well sites. 
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