Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - April 2022

Cinco Energy's Top 5 Monthly Metrics - April 2022

cinco energy renewable electric power

795 Mwh: The total electric power sector generation from renewable sources in the US last year, according to a new report from the EIA. In 2021, power from renewable sources surpassed nuclear power generation.

cinco energy frontier fund carbon offsets

$925 Million: The amount that the Frontier fund will spend to purchase carbon offsets from companies that remove carbon dioxide from the air.

cinco energy oil reserve release

1 Million: The number of barrels of oil that the US will release from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve per day for the next six months to abate the spike in energy prices.

Cinco Monthly Metrics

144,000: The number of acres of federal land that will be available for oil and gas leasing per a recent decision by the US Department of Interior.

cinco energy increase onshore rigs

109: The increase in the number of active onshore rigs in the US since the beginning of the 2022. The Permian, Haynesville and Eagle Ford Basins have seen the greatest uptick in rig count year to date.
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