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Advantages of Working with a Land Management Company Like Cinco Energy

Advantages of Working with a Land Management Company Like Cinco Energy

When you are actively pursuing an opportunity in the oil and gas industry, whether it’s making an investment in an E&P company, buying minerals rights, or acquiring leases, having access to the right information and the right team to execute is critical from a value and timing perspective. While land management companies provide a multitude of benefits to the market, here are six greatest advantages they offer.

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1. Specialized Skill Sets

If you have a land department at your company, you already know that the land staff can get stretched thin, making it difficult to pursue new opportunities or special projects. Highly customized land management companies, like Cinco Energy, can round out your department’s knowledge, outsource specific functions (like leasing and due diligence), or work on special projects when there is limited internal bandwidth. Even if you need a specific scope completed within a larger project, we can handle such tasks remotely or on-site.

2. Experience and Best Practices

Cinco Energy has a network of professionals across the entire country. We’ve worked in 38 states since 1990, with resident experts in every major shale basin. Our team at Cinco Energy is comprised of subject matter experts and regional experts. Whether it's West Texas or the San Juan Basin, we have the subject matter expertise in-house, and will thoughtfully assemble the right team for the assignment. Likewise, from mineral acquisitions to land data management, we employ tested workflows and process discipline to ensure an efficient outcome every time.

In the decades of performing land and title work, we have repeatedly refined and reinvented our best practices to give us and our clients an advantage. As a result, we are able to shave time off of labor-intensive research, protect the integrity of project data, and achieve greater transparency by leveraging our reporting tools.

3. Comprehensive Services

We offer a full spectrum of land services, including leasing, due diligence, database management, data integrity, land administration, GIS mapping, abstracting, title curative, and more.

If you need to vet land but are unable to, we can send field agents to your location. If you’re looking to build up your land department staff, we can help with that too. During our many years in the industry, we have expanded our services due to evolving client needs. We continue to fine-tune our approach. We’ve met great people along the way and can easily tap into our unmatched candidate pool to connect land professionals with the appropriate companies.

4. Certified Knowledge

In our industry, the American Association of Professional Landman (AAPL) is the organization that unites landmen and land-related professionals throughout the country and binds us to a standard of practice and ethics. We are proud that every Cinco Energy employee is a member of the AAPL. Furthermore, many employees at Cinco Energy have taken the Certified Professional Landman (CPL) and Registered Professional Landman (RPL) certification exams to deepen their knowledge of and dedication to the industry. Most employees also have degrees in Petroleum Land Management or advanced degrees such as a JD or MBA.

5. Flexibility and Ample Resources

Every project requires a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of the client and the timeline. We excel in building the right teams for each project, regardless of the size. Our clients appreciate the ability to have as-needed access to various skill sets, whether it’s a Senior Land Advisor, database tech, or our mapping department.

At the same time, our deep staffing network allows us to ramp up quickly with qualified land personnel in-house or in the field. Working with a land management company like Cinco Energy gives you peace of mind knowing you will get high caliber results on time.

6. Minimized Risks

Due diligence is a buyer’s best opportunity to look under the hood of a deal. Whether it's for a single lease or a multi-billion dollar transaction, the title diligence process will uncover critical discrepancies or burdens affecting the asset. Getting this process done well means asking the right questions and efficiently conducting the title review so you can have the power to address defects and unforeseen issues before they dilute your IRR. In our experience, the benefits of efficient due diligence always outweigh the cost of the process and are central to how we scope our projects.

At Cinco Energy, we seek opportunities to provide outstanding service and support to our clients across the land work spectrum. If you’ve identified a potential acquisition you’d like to pursue and need additional resources, let’s talk! Getting in touch is just a phone call or email away -- contact us today!

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